Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flights To Jeju Island From Seoul

For those who are planning a visit to Jeju by yourself from Seoul, there are couple of ways to go there. One of the most recommended ways for sure is by taking flight since its fastest rite? Why do you want to waste your time in the train or ferry as when you are traveling, you try best to cover as much places as possible rite? And if you take flight, its only about 1 hour journey long.

There is quite a number of domestic flights from Seoul to Jeju Island. However, you will encounter language barrier as some of the online flight booking websites are in Korean and some only accept Korean Credit Card for payment. Perhaps you can use Google translator or get someone who knows Korean to translate and help you in booking the flights.

Here is the list of airlines flying out from Seoul city to Jeju Island:
(Note that you are supposed to fly from Gimpo Airport and not Incheon Airport to Jeju Island. Dun go to the wrong airport..lolo).

* If you need info on how to get to this airport, check the link here.

Can you see all the airlines listed here?
1. Asiana Airlines 
(Asiana Airline formerly known as Seoul Airlines is one of South Korea's two major airlines, along with Korean Air.)

This is the flight which I took for my last trip to Jeju. The website is available in English, so no problem in booking it.

2. Korean Air
*NOTE: Website is available in English. 
(Korean Air is the largest airline of South Korea)
3. Jeju Air
* NOTE: Website is available in English.
(Budget airline)
4. T'Way Air
*NOTE: English language not available in website. 
(Budget airline)
5. Jin Air
*NOTE: Website is available in English
(Budget airline - fully subsidiary of Korean Air)
6. Eastar Jet
*NOTE: Website is available in English
(Budget airline)
7. Air Busan
*NOTE: Website is available in English
(Regional airline which is a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines)
Before booking online, some of the above airlines will require you to register as a member first. 

If budget is a constraint, check the budget airlines (which I have tagged above) like Jeju Air, T'Way Air, Jin Air and Eastar Jet. These airlines might offer the best deals especially if you book few months ahead. You can probably get KRW77,000 (which is ~MYR218+) round trip tickets inclusive of taxes. I read couple of bloggers post before who recommended Eastar Jet as the first choice for cheap flights to Jeju. Perhaps you should check that option first?
That's all. These are our Asiana Airline boarding ticket
Hope this post is helpful for those of you who want to plan a trip to Jeju Island from Seoul.

*Remember to check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary.

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