Friday, December 21, 2012

Mini Hanjeongsik @ Insadong Chon

I guess most of you all will be like me wondering..what is hanjeongsik?! I have no idea what is it initially till I'm back home here and decided to blog about this restaurant...only I found out that I had actually feast like nobility in a very beautiful setting restaurant :-)

According to Korea Foods website:
Hanjeongsik is a full-course Korean meal with an array of savory side dishes. The most lavish of hanjeongsik traditional originated with the banquets served in the royal palaces or the homes of aristocrats.  In short, Hanjeongsik is the complete meal (Jeongsik) of Korea (Han).

When we reached there, we had to walk our way to Insadong Chon restaurant through a small lane way. The lane is lined with traditional Korean architecture.
Hmm..does this lane reminds you of walking alone in the horror movies? :-P
Insadong Chon is on the right - the one with big lantern light
In front of Insadong Chon - a beautiful setting frontage restaurant with its traditional Korean architecture:
Insadong Chon
The interior of the restaurant is really stunning with its high ceiling, timber structure and finishes:

Really luv the interor with such lightings
More photos of the interior
All timber structure
Big feast lo..

This is the first few plates on the table when we arrived..more to add on later
Another dish come..the fish
Now another..tofu I think?
Photo of boyfie and me before we start feasting
Another shot with our regular "same-table" meal tour partners: Alvina and her mum
I'm not sure what is stated in the Insadong Chon menu..but it seems the price varies starting from KRW 15,000 (~MYR 42) to KRW 60,000 (~MYR 170).

Menu in Insadong Chon
After the meal, we hang outside the restaurant to snap a few photos.

Outside Insadong Chon
One of the shops nearby Insadong Chon
Not sure what shop is this..but the architecture is so nice
And this too...

How to get here?
Insadong Sam Gil, Seoul, Korea
Phone: 02 720 4888 | mobile: 011 9875 4349

If you come to Insadong by subway, find "Exit Number 3 of Jong-gak Station" or "Exit Number 6 of Ahn-guk Station." "Chon" is on the street named "Insadong Sam Gil." 

Personally I recommend you all to try this place out to enjoy the ambiance and settings. 

* Check here for the summary of my 2012 Korea+Jeju Trip itinerary.

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