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Taiwan Trip: 16-22 Nov 2009

Joined "Best Holiday" tour group for a "7 Days Taiwan + Doraemon Story House +Flying Cow Ranch + Hot Spring" package:

Day 1: Kuala Lumpur/Taoyuan
In KLIA airport: Took EVA airline to Taoyuan airport.Upon arrival, visit Beipu Night Market and taste the delicious local snacks. Then proceed to check in hotel. Overnight in Yaward Hotel
Day 2: Taoyuan/FlyingCow Ranch
After breakfast, visit to Window on China (Little Person Country). The collection of miniature structures in Window on Chiana is the second largest in the world. Then we visited the world's only Doraemon Story House: storage lots of cartoon and comic of familiar classic scene.
After that, proceed to the Flying Cow Ranch, to experience the ranch living and close to the nature. Overnight at Flying Cow Ranch.
Day 3: Hsinzhu/Taichung-Sun Moon Lake/Tongpu
This morning, visit to the tea centre for some tea tasting.
Next stop is Chung Tai Chan Monastery, the largest Buddhist temple in Taiwan and its admired as an architectural masterpiece because of the mountain monastery's more modern look.
After that, continue journey to Sun Moon Lake. The lake is located in the middle of Taiwan, is the only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Kuang-Hua island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun-Moon Lake.
Then visit to the Wen Wu Temple. The temple is located at the shoulder of mountain where is on the north of Sun Moon Lake.
Next, we have arrived the Ah Mei Tribe shop called Mao Wang Ye House. We were warmly greeted by the locals and they introduced products such as raw bee pollens / honey / Royal jellies. It is said to have beauty effects for char boh out there... but the price was way too did not buy anything there :P

Mao Princess House (毛家公主) is a shop selling health tonic products including Lingzhi and honey.It is located along Mingshui Rd, somewhere between Martyr’s Shrine and Dazhi MRT Station in the Dazhi area. There is no entrance fee to the shop.

Then proceed to visit Peacock Garden.
Overnight at Tilun Tonpo Hotel.

Indoor hot spring:
Outdoor hot spring:
Day 4: Dongpu/ Janfusun Fancy World Theme Park/ Kaohsiung
After breakfast, proceed to Janfusun Fancy World Theme Park.
Continue to visit Meinong Culture Village or known as Meinong Hakka Village, understanding of Hakka craft goods and snacks.
Then transferred to the largest shopping mall in Taiwan - Dream Mall.
Before check in hotel, proceed to Leo Ho Night Market.
Day 5: Kaohsiung/ Meinung/ Taichung
After breakfast, proceed to visit Exotic Marine Life Museum, which demonstrates numerous precious and unique deep sea biology from all over the world. Inside the museum, you will feel like entering a time corridor combined with history and ocean, you will see all these precious marine life in one time, both interesting and exciting.
Then we visited the Kaohsiung Dragon Tiger Pagodas.

Lotus LakeThis famous scenic area on the northern outskirts of Kaohsiung City is noted for its profusion of temples, with the Confucius Temple at its northern edge and, in the south, the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and the Spring and Autumn Pavilions. The lake is most beautiful in the late afternoon, when the setting sun is reflected in the water. Nearby are the ruins of the Fengshan County walls and gates, which have been designatedDragon and Tiger Pagodas
About 700 meters to the south of the Spring and Autumn Pavilions are the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. The dragon's throat is the entrance and the lion's mouth is the exit. Entering a dragon's throat and coming out a lion's mouth symbolizes turning bad luck to good fortune. Inside, paintings depict China's 24 most obedient sons as well as scenes of heaven and hell to inspire people to do good deeds during their lifetime, and to provide threatening examples of retribution for wrongdoing.
Then the next stop is Fo Guang Shan Monastery. Established in 1967, it has evolved from a mountain-top bamboo monastery to the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan and an internationally recognized site of pilgrimage.
Before we depart to our last stop for the day, we stopped by to buy the SunFlower Biscuit.

Day 6: Taichung/ Taipei

Day 7: Taipei/ Kuala Lumpur

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